Executive (Tech)

Name Designation Centre Area Tel No. (Office)
1 R K Paul
Director & Secretary  to the Board
Mandi Gobindgarh Ferrous Metallurgy, Steelmaking, Refractories Heat Treatment, Foundry, Overall management of the Institute, Industrial Liasioning, Technical Head, R&D Secretary to the Board of Governors of NISST. 01765-510141, 511142
director@nisst.org, rajib.paul@nisst.org
2 Vishva Bandhu
Joint Director (Technical)
Mandi Govindgarh Iron Making, Steelmaking, Rolling Technology, Metallurgy, Heat Treatment and Quality of Steel.
In-charge of Nagpur & Kolkata centre, Industrial Services, Consultancy, Energy Audit, Monitoring and Verification Audits, In-Plant Training & Skill Development Programmes in all technological areas of iron and steel plant, On-line training programs in all technological areas, Industrial and Manpower survey and assessment& Marketing of NISST’s services

01765-510141, 511142

3 Anil Mohindru
Senior Deputy Director (Electrical)
Mandi Gobindgarh In-charge-Electrical& Computer Lab,
Energy Audits, Mandatory Energy Audits & M&V Audits of BEE Designated consumers, Safety Audit &Safety inspection, R&D/Melting trials in Lab scale induction furnace, Training & Skill Development, Consultancy, Quality Manager for NABL Accreditation & BIS recognition.
01765-510141, 511142
4 S P Singh
Senior Deputy Director (Technical)
Mandi Gobindgarh Rolling Mills and Reheating Furnaces.
In-charge – Chemical, Mechanical & Metallography Lab.
Energy Audits, Mandatory Energy Audits & M&V Audits of BEE Designated consumers, Safety Audit & Safety Inspection, R&D, Training & Skill Development, Consultancy, testing.
01765-510141, 511142
5 Paramjeet Singh
Senior Deputy Director  (Technical)
New Delhi On deputation to MOS, New Delhi as Additional Industrial Adviser

Executive (Non-Technical)

Name Designation Centre Area Tel No. (Office)
6 B K Bansal
Senior Deputy Director
(Finance & Accounts)
Mandi Gobindgarh In-charge-Finance & Accounts
All matter to Finance & Account, Budget preparation, Audit functions, Cost control, Financial Planning, Out flow Control & Safe guard against irregularities if any.
01765-510141, 511142
finance@nisst.org, info@nisst.org
7 V P Tewari
Senior Deputy Director
(Personnel & Administration)
Mandi Gobindgarh In-charge-Personnel & Administration
All matters related to Personnel & Administration, Industrial relations, rules & regulations, purchase of capital and revenue items, maintenance of assets and office complex at Mandi Gobindgarh etc.
Matters related to NISST Board & RTI.
01765-510141, 511142